December 2017

Hello Chase Stream Farm supporters! 7 months since our last update? That's crazy, and that means that we've been crazy BUSY! We are on the downside of our growing season and we are still happy with our new lifestyle and even more committed to fostering a culture that embraces local and ethical food sourcing. Here's a not-inclusive list of what we've been up to:
1) Tim and I finally tied the knot on September 15th!
2) We applied for and received two government grants - one for forestry management and one for another high tunnel.
3) A freak burst hurricane storm in early November completely demolished one of our other high tunnels, the grant will be used to replace this critical piece of infrastructure. Still one high tunnel down from what we want on the property, but I've got another grant in the works!
4) Our commercial kitchen has been up and running, and I've been making and selling kimchi and relishes since early spring. I've also created a Korean BBQ hotsauce, and call it "kojang sauce" - it's a huge hit!
5) We introduced Haley, Beverly, Charly, Katie, and Plutarco - katahdin sheep to the farm. They are happy and getting fat. We will breed them next fall to start our meat enterprise for Winter 2019.
6) Our flock of egg laying chickens has grown to 20. No roosters! Hate those things.
7) Tim & I have been accepted into a 2 year Journeyman Program through our local USDA organization
8) We continue to do well at the year round indoor Farmer's market in Belfast - it's been our greatest source of income this past year!
9) We increased our wholesale orders this year - sold to aggregators, the local hospital, restaurants, and local schools.
10) We hosted our 2nd annual Marine Corps Birthday Open house, with about 60 folks in attendance. It's becoming a "thing". Next year, we're renting a tent and heaters.
11) Our community is fantastic! Small town living is right up our alley and we've made some wonderful friends.
12) We've had a lot of visitors! It's been so great to have some of YOU visit us here on the farm! We need very little notice, since with few exceptions, we're always here.

Those are the highlights. We've got more to do in the upcoming year, and are considering a small scale CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for our local community. This winter will be full of in-house projects to include developing a training curriculum and figure out funding to build two more cottages on the property for housing veteran farmers. We are applying for a veteran farming apprentice to join us this coming spring. He/she will be the ground floor test for the curriculum! Oh! The name of our training institute? "Agrow Academy"

We are grateful for you all and look forward to seeing you on the farm one day! Have a wonderful holiday season and many blessings to you and your families!
Happy Growing - Chase Stream Farm