December 2016
Hello Chase Stream Farm friends and supporters!
We pray that you have all been enjoying a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward new joys and adventures in 2017.

We're all doing well on Chase Stream Farm and have continued to be productively busy. Since our last update: 

1) David started his new school in Brewer and loves it! 

2) We filmed our episode of the Growing Home TV show - we are episode 10: "Operation Organic" and will air on Sunday, March 12 at 1100 on NBC here in Maine and it's affiliates.

3) Our heated high-tunnel "Beauty" is reading for planting. We will get a head start on early spring crops.

4) We hosted our first party to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday - a great success with about 40 folks who have helped us get settled here in Maine 

5) We are crop planning with a couple of other farms and organizations so that we provide diverse products to similar markets 

6) We put a deposit down to get a starter flock of Katahdin sheep to arrive this spring 

7) Tim has marked out the trees that will make up our sugar bush for making maple syrup this winter 

8) We are battling beavers - no kidding - daggone things are taking out our trees and damming up the stream! 

9) We are LOVING the snow!

Many blessings to you and Happy New Year!!